Adventurer to attempt the first solo self-sufficient adventure swim along the Kenmare River

At 10am on March 18th Ripley Davenport swam from Star Outdoors to Kenmare Pier, a 5.3km/3.3 mile swim in sea temperatures of 9 Celsius, in 2 hours totally alone, self-sufficient and without boat support. A far cry from what he intends to do.
On April 13th, Davenport will squeeze into a wetsuit, walk into the sea at O’ Carroll’s Cove at 4am and begin a steady 25-mile/40km solo swim to Kenmare Pier, without boat support and totally alone, towing his entire provisions on a sit-on-kayak, kindly supplied by Star Outdoors in Kenmare.
Davenport will stop briefly every 30 – 40 minutes to eat and drink, without leaving the water, burning anywhere between 4,000 – 5,000 calories swimming roughly the equivalent of the English Channel in sea temperatures averaging 9 Celsius for up to 20 hours. Davenport hopes to reach the Kenmare Pier without boat support or leaving the water. On completion he’ll be the first person to swim the Kenmare River.
The magnitude of this swim has many elements that reach beyond a personal achievement and beyond anything that Davenport has ever attempted. It will require tremendous physical and mental strength as he confronts the sea in an ambitious adventure, an indisputable test of human endurance.
Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis In 2011, Davenport has set himself an enormous challenge mentally, physically and emotionally battling cold, monotony, fatigue, strong tidal currents and the unpredictable Irish weather.
You can follow the swim in real time via Davenport’s website: and donate direct to the Multiple Sclerosis Society Ireland via justgiving. 100% of donations go direct to MS Ireland.
The Kenmare River Adventure Swim, a prelude to a planned longer self sufficient adventure swim, ultimately conveys a message to everyone that anything is possible and anyone can achieve a dream that transcends all boundaries.