Are you secure enough?

There was a time not so long ago when people in rural Ireland used to leave their doors open and unlocked when they were out in case one of the neighbours might need to come in and borrow something. That day is now long gone and has been replaced by a very real concern about being robbed or even attacked in their own homes. Gates, locks, dogs, alarms and local community alert networks have now become an essential part of rural life.
The text alert system has proved very effective around the country, as a way for communities to monitor unusual or suspicious activity in their neighbourhoods and the Guards have been very supportive in that area. Yet there is still a concern about break-ins, especially at night. Women living on their own as well as the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Personal alarms are a reassurance for these people and their families, having an alarm on your person, which will connect with a monitoring station and notify your nominated neighbours, gives a person the knowledge that they are not alone. These devices are also valuable for farmers who might be in a remote area alone for a long time on their own and not be able to phone for help. A simple devise worn around the wrist can be a lifesaver.
Blackwater Women’s Group are hosting a meeting on Tuesday where a leading expert in intruder alarms and security systems will be making a presentation and answering your questions. The meeting is open to everybody in the greater Kenmare area.
For further details contact Mairead Robinson, Blackwater Women’s Group on 087 2426781