This year’s Kenmare Chronicle on the way

This year’s Kenmare Chronicle will feature stories and photographs
connecting Kenmare and North America. We have stories from the
various waves of emigration from the 1700s with emigrants to America arriving as indentured servants through to the assisted emigration of the 1850s and reflecting on the undocumented and emigration problems of today in the United States. We have stories of Kenmare people who settled and whose families would rise through society to become teachers, successful business men, politicians and others who would fight and die for their adopted country from wars of independence and civil wars to wars on the world stage and even involvement with the French Resistance in Paris in 1944.
The waves of emigration from Kenmare over the centuries have been spurred by unrest and conflict, famines and land clearances,
unemployment and the search for a better life. Also for some it was a wanderlust, a desire to see more of the world.
There will be nearly fifty stories in the publication, so will be an ideal Christmas present for friends and relations both at home and abroad. Plenty to read!
The exact date of the launch will be advertised well in advance so you can make sure you can get your copy, and we hope to have this year’s edition ready in mid November.