Gone fishing with John O’Hare

Being faced with the inevitability of death can, for most people, be a very difficult matter. This is what happened to members of the Kenmare trout and Anglers Club
The boat competition on Clonee Lakes was a most enjoyable days fishing and, as usual, followed by a nice meal in The Lake House. Thanks again to Mary and Sean for putting in so much effort in the proceedings.
At the close of the meal a gentleman of few words asked permission to speak and then proceeded to thank the club and its members for accepting him as a member over 20 years ago and the joy he had got out of life, fishing with them both locally and nationally. (Now I must tell you that this man is an excellent angler and has won more competitions, cups and trophies than I could count. He is also a man of honesty and integrity and is an one who you would be proud to call a friend.)
He then told the members that the prognosis of the doctors, as regards the illness he has been suffering from (with great bravery I might add) over the last five years, is that he will be dead before Christmas, and this is why he was thanking them while he could as he would like to let them know his thoughts before he was gone.
Well what can one say? Everyone was silent as no words can answer a statement like that. Being pragmatic is one thing but we all live on hope and my hope is that he will, as he has done over recent years, prove the doctors wrong again.
You know that any time I would meet him and ask after his health his answer to me would be ‘well I am looking down at the daisy’s instead of up at the roots’ so I hope I will hear this rejoiner for many years to come.

Maybe it is the onset of winter or more likely the worst fishing season of my life but I am nothing but negativity this month. Just one salmon to show for six months of fishing, no sea trout and very few brownies all add up to the 2015 season being one to forget. Even my sea fishing was non-existent with no attempt by me to try and catch some mackerel or pollock.
To look on the humourous side, did you ever feel you are getting woolly headed? Talking from a male perspective you know as you get older your hair thins on top and is suddenly replaced by a surge of growth in new and unusual places. For instance your eyebrows turn into the grasping fingers of Philly McMahon as they try to gouge eyes out of the sockets. Clumps of dense hair start to fill your nostrils and, growing out, gives the impression of a moustache on your upper lip. As for your ears, hair starts to sprout out of them as well, so you would be forgiven for thinking that the hair on top of your head was growing in instead and maybe it is? Is this where the expression woolly headed comes from?
If you remember a couple of issues ago the mayors inebriated wife asked me if sex was better than fishing. Well a couple of lads were discussing the article in the shop after it was published, they reminded me of the two old gentleman Waldorf and his friend in The Muppet Show who make caustic comments on the other characters from the safety of the balcony. One of them said, ‘Were you trying to write something erotic in that article?’ And the other fella responded with. ‘Whatever about erotic it was definitely erratic.’ I would suggest that statement just about sums up all my articles including this one, maybe erratic is the way to go, at least it keeps people guessing ‘what is he going to write about next.’

Pollution from algae blooms in the Killarney Lakes has again risen its ugly head. The month of August being really bad, so Kerry County Council put up notices warning people not to let dogs swim in the lake or indeed drink the water as it could be fatal for them. It is also a danger to yourself if you have a cut or drink it. For your safety’s sake you should not eat the fish either. Anglers are very happy with the councils quick response, but remember that they monitor the Killarney lakes constantly but, and here is the crux of the matter, there is no regional or indeed national protocol in place to monitor our other rivers and lakes or even estuaries on an ongoing basis. The Roughty River this year was at times a cesspit with anglers complaining about the load of sh*t coming down in floods and the noxious smell from the water. It is a scandal. It would be simple enough to pinpoint the main culprits if the river was constantly monitored and then some action could be taken to return it to its former glory. I’m sure nobody would object to that. Come on politicians, let us see what you are made off.

There has been a welcome boost to the anglers, novice and otherwise, in the last couple of weeks with the arrival of shoals of sprat in the bay. These were followed by mackerel and pollock. It was like old times, with hardly room to fish off The Sound Bridge or even off the rocks near the three musicians. One chap was messing in his boat tied to the pier, spotted mackerel in the water, got his gear and started fishing without releasing the boat and had a large catch for his efforts. That will show you how prolific they were and still are at the moment. I expect if the weather holds up we will get a few more weeks out of it. I might even be tempted to have a few casts myself.