Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society

For years now Animal Welfare groups have been advocates for neutering
pets to prevent unwanted litters, tagging and micro-chipping your dogs,
and strongly advising people to NEVER buy a pet from a puppy farm. Now the Law has been changed because animal cruelty and neglect is at an all time high. The bad news for the public and the good news for animal rescues is ‘Get your dog micro-chipped or face prison under new laws!’
Dog owners will face heavy penalties if they fail to microchip puppies
or dogs under Animal Welfare laws that came into force last September.
All pups born to a breeder must be micro-chipped by the time they leave
for their new home or before 12 weeks old. When that puppy is rehomed it must have a official certificate to show that the dog is micro-chipped
and this certificate MUST be provided by the breeder. Without the
certificate, the dog is not legally micro-chipped and you are advised
NOT to buy the dog.
All other owners who fail to microchip their dogs can face fines from
€5,000 or imprisonment for up to six months or both. This includes dogs
already living in the family environment, and may have been there for
several years. Dog lovers have until March 31, 2016, to microchip adult
dogs and have the appropriate certificate confirming the dog has been
chipped and registered on a national database such as From an
Animal Welfare point of view, this is very good news as these new laws
will eventually and hopefully, put the awful and illegal puppy farms out
of business, or traffickers that steal dogs for dog fighting.
Almost 3,000 healthy dogs were put to sleep in pounds last year,
according to Department of the Environment figures. (In 2014, Kerry dog
pound was the 5th highest in the country, for euthanasia). The recent
weeks of bad weather has seen an unprecedented number of stray dogs in
the Kenmare area, mostly due to animals being left outside.
Many of these dogs have found their way to KLAWS, because they
are not micro-chipped and do not have basic collar ID. A dog tag can be
purchased from the KLAWS shop for just €2. Surely your family pet is
worth that small sum of money. One dog tag plus one microchip equals a
happy reuniting with their owner.
Kerry County Council have advised KLAWS, that any dogs are in the care of KLAWS must be micro-chipped, and so we will be obliged to pass on this cost to the owner when reunited. Any owner who claims their dog back from the Pound gets charged for kennelling at a rate of €10 per
day. Therefore from 2016, KLAWS will be recouping any necessary costs
occurred from existing owners, as the money we raise, is for sick and
injured strays and rehoming of unwanted pets. These are the animal that
really NEED our help. It is your responsibility to microchip your dog
and comply with the new Law. If you love your dog, please do everything
possible to protect it from getting lost in the first place, and if the
worst scenario happens, then a microchip and a dog tag will reunite you
with your animal more quickly.