Letters to the Editor….

Dear Editor,
I wonder if any of your readers could help me. I’m looking for information on a family from Gortamullen during the 1950’s/60’s.
Particularly, Margaret Patricia O’Grady, born around 1934, her father was Jeremiah, mother’s name was Mary.
Thanks for any help.

Dear Editor,
To Politicians seeking election.
I live in Templenoe on a very busy main road….. A couple of years back,
A road sign which read ‘SLOW THROUGH VILLAGE’ was replaced with a 100Km sign!
This speed limit of 100km is extremely dangerous and unsafe, it is not appropriate to its surround. My main concern with this level of high speed is the safety of school children travelling on buses. Between the primary and secondary school there are approx 20 children in this small area who walk, wait, and cross this 100km road daily. Tomorrow is too late for action!
S. Doran.

Dear Editor,
My name is Maureen and you helped me out so much in December when I lost my wallet two days before my wedding.
Unfortunately, it was never found and even though it had lots of knock-on effects that put the stress levels through the roof(!), we ended up having a fantastic day. The rain stopped and the sun came out, so we did have some luck in the end!
I just wanted to say thank you for your help, and the help of the followers of Kenmare News. Everywhere we went in town, people knew who we were and had a few kinds words.
In particular, John Brennan, Aileen D’Arcy of Tom Crean Fish and Wine, and Mary Ann Buckley were especially kind.
All the best,
Maureen Burke.