Kenmare Chamber of Commerce & Tourism; What’s Going On?

Easter is a time for new life, rejoicing and is a good time to reflect on our lives. Let us remember that we have been blessed with love, happiness, abundance and prosperity. Happy Easter to all!
As Spring blossoms and the warmer days come in, there is a fantastic list of festivals and events to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike including:
20th April Easter Egg Hunt
Kenmare Social & Events 3pm at Reenagross Park
22nd April Chocolate Cup Cakes Workshop
Kenmare Food Carnival at Jam Factory
24nd April Easter Biscuit Workshop
Kenmare Food Carnival at Jam Factory
26th April Run Up The Hill Jack & Jill 10K Fun Run
April 25/26/27 Feile Neidin
May 2nd – 5th Bull Run
May 9th -11th A Weekend in Kenmare Photographic Kenmare Chronicles
May 16th Pink Disco Kenmare Pink Ribbon at Brook Lane Hotel
May 18th 10k Walk Kenmare Pink Ribbon
Kenmare and surrounding areas working together.
Earlier this month, Bonane Community and Kenmare Chamber of Commerce and Tourism presented a Tourism Information evening on the Sheen Valley Heritage Area and the Wild Atlantic Way. It was a very informative and interesting event that was well organised and attended. The information given was in the service of promoting and marketing the Greater Kenmare Area.  The meeting was of special interest to everyone involved in the tourism industry. Guest speakers on the evening included Declan Murphy Failte Ireland, John Griffin Tourism Officer for Kerry County Council and Caroline Boland of Boland Marketing and Go Kerry. A presentation was given on the Development of all Walks, Cycling Trails, Heritage Sites and Attractions in the Sheen Valley. After which there was an opportunity to discuss how we could collectively market our region to strengthen our destination and get more information from the tourism businesses in Bonane and on the Caha Pass Discovery.
Improving our communication channels
Due to feedback from the wider community, Kenmare Chamber of Commerce and Tourism is setting up a database of community contacts in Kenmare and its surrounding areas to complement its members list. The purpose of this contact list will be to share any news regarding Chamber initiatives and public information that comes to our attention and may be of value to the wider community. We would appreciate it if you could send us your contact details including:
Contact Name, Name of Group/Club/Business, Phone Number (Landline/Mobile), Email Address, Postal Address, Website, Facebook Page.
Supporting local community initiative and collective action
The remit of the Chamber is the support and development of Commerce & Tourism. It has been successfully doing this since its inception in 2001 through its continued support of a wide range of initiatives such as Kenmare Marketing and Events Steering Committee, Kenmare Social & Events Committee, Casual Trading Legal Fund and Casual Trading Legal Fund etc. Kenmare Chamber will continue to help the development and growth of sub-committees, festivals and events by providing a range of resources and supports such as insurance, office and administrative support. We will also continue to provide financial support such as access to grant applications, bridging loans and bank accounts can be set-up under the Chamber name. Any person(s) interested in accessing these supports should contact the Chamber Committee for guidance.
We are pleased to announce our new Committee Officers for 2014 as follows
Raymond Ross Chairperson
Steven O’Sullivan Vice-Chairperson
Helen Mc Dwyer Administration Officer
Kate Mc Loughlin Public Relations Officer (PRO)
Jeremiah Foley Membership Officer
Donald Lynch Financial Team
Margaret Mc Carthy Sarah Durkan
Kenmare marketing and events – Kenmare needs YOU!
The new initiative to centrally market Kenmare and its surrounding areas has been making real progress. The Steering Committee has met several times over the past couple of weeks and its sectoral representatives have been very busy out and about signing up members. If you have not been in touch with your representative and would like to sign up as a member and give some valuable feedback then please take the time to do so. They are as follows:
Sarah Durkan Retail & Services Chairperson
Rory O’Sullivan Hospitality/Accommodation Vice-Chairperson
Kit Dunlop Festivals & Events
Retail & Services Secretary
Una Brennan Food/Restaurants/Cafes Treasurer
Siobhan Jones Vintners Vice- Treasurer
Kate Mc Loughlin Kenmare Chamber of Commerce & Tourism PRO
Xenia O’Sullivan Activities & Attractions Vice- Public Relations Officer
Stephen O’Sullivan Activities & Attractions
Paddy Rodgers Financial Expertise
To date the feedback and commitment through membership fees has been very positive. We are very close to reaching our initial target for this year by the subscriptions of businesses across all the six main sectors including retail and services; hospitality and accommodation; food, restaurants and cafes; vintners; activities and attractions; and industry.
Benefits of the membership package include:
Marketing Manager (Full Time)
Marketing Kenmare and its surrounding areas
Supporting Kenmare Festivals & Events and Christmas Lights
Listing on
Kenmare Chamber of Commerce membership
Shape the future of Kenmare
The Steering Committee have also been busy preparing the job description for the new marketing manager position. Kenmare Marketing & Events Group was set up to centrally market Kenmare and its surrounding areas. As part of our Strategic plan for Kenmare, we are now looking to recruit an experienced and creative marketing professional (see details below)
Join our ‘Friends of Kenmare’ scheme
We are delighted that so many people who are not necessarily businesses want to lend their support to their area. In response, we are also setting up a Friends of Kenmare scheme which allows you to become more closely involved and helps us develop Kenmare Marketing and Events. If you are interested in supporting this initiative then please supply the following details and hand it in to one of the representatives of the Chamber of Commerce office. Name: Tel: Email: Address: Amount:
The festival spirit all year round
In March, a workshop was held by Festival Specialist, Vincent O’Shea. He kindly travelled from Kilkenny and gave freely of his time to hold one-on-one mentoring sessions with festival committees and Kenmare Marketing and Events Steering Committee. It was a busy schedule of sessions kindly organised by Nora Finnegan and held in Brook Lane Hotel. At it he also discussed a range of practical and informative topics including Irish festivals’ background; A short trip around Irish festivals and a description of what people will pay to go and see – short cattle and comics, long books and not very scary scarecrows; An insight into learning gathered from 200 Irish festivals and Gatherings; How festivals are organized and what resourcing do they require?; Funding Sources; How can the business community help; and why should the business community help. We would like to thank him for sharing his expertise and guidance with us so that we can continue to strengthen and develop Kenmare festivals & events all year round.