Cllr Dan McCarthy reports….

I would like to thank the editor and staff in Kenmare News for giving me this opportunity to highlight the issues that I have been raising at council meetings.

County clean-up day. Well done to everyone who took part in the KWD county clean-up. It was great to see such a strong community spirit make this day such a success. I recently put forward a motion to Kerry County Council that a specific fund be made available for Tidy Town Committees which are doing such tireless work in keeping our countryside clean and tidy.

Roads. I would like to welcome the funding that has been made available for road improvements. This money I feel is only touching the surface of what is actually needed to see greater improvements made. I will continue to lobby for more funding to complete necessary works. I have also highlighted the necessity for the cutting of hedges to help improve the safety of rural roads.

Farming. I have recently highlighted an ongoing issue with regards to the selling of an animal with one tag in the mart. This motion was passed in a recent meeting of Kerry County Council where I asked that the Minister for Agriculture change the rules to allow these animals to be sold on mart days. The missing tag would be applied for by the mart and forwarded on the new owner. Also an issue which occurs every year at this time is gorse burning, I have spoken on numerous occasions to these dates be revised.

Public Transport. At a recent meeting of Kerry County Council I put forward a motion to ask the Minister for Transport that all public transport in rural parts of the county be wheelchair accessible. This is an issue that arises frequently when a person with mobility issues needs to attend appointments in the surrounding towns and cannot do so due to the lack of an accessibility ramp.

Housing. I have highlighted on numerous occasions the importance of emergency accommodation being made available in Kenmare town. At present, a person who seeks this accommodation must travel to Tralee or Killarney to avail of this service. The housing crisis is unfortunately a major issue throughout the county and Kenmare is no different. I will continue to lobby for the availability of houses in this area.

Health. The unavailability of the HSE dental clinic in Kenmare town is causing parents and patients difficulty forcing them to travel to Killarney to avail of this service. Previously this service had been available in the town. I have asked the HSE to review this decision and bring this service back to Kenmare again.
Dancing Championship. I would like to congratulate all the dancers of Bernie O’Sullivan dancing school who competed in the recent championships in Brighton recently. It is great to see this talent at its very best. I wish to commend Bernie, parents and all who are involved in the organisation for their hard work.

Clinics. I am available every day in Kenmare Mart. I also hold clinics in south and west Kerry throughout the month. Cllr Dan Mc Carthy, Kilcurrane East, Kenmare Co Kerry 087-6846513 087-2224411 (work number)