Neidin Bowls Club news

Neidin Bowls Club evening sessions will be changing from Friday to Wednesday evening from 15th June. Also, due to Summer Camp, our scheduled morning sessions on Monday and Thursday will be changed to evenings 6.45pm to 9pm for three weeks commencing on 18th July, returning to mornings on 8th August.
The first of our four teams, The Seals comprising of Aiden McCabe (skip), Bill Glover, Alan Shaw and Brenda Holden, played their opening match in the Kerry League against The Beaufort Siogs, drawing seven points each.
This month a number of our members attended the four nights ‘Big Bowls Break’ at the Gleneagle Hotel in Killarney, the teams being selected on a random basis. It was professionally run by Martin Brett (Manager) in conjunction with Frankie Fleming who organised the schedule of play and arbitration of matches. We were fortunate enough to have a member on the winning team, Trish Delvalle who played with skip John McMahon, Rita Looney and Cathy Richardson.