Dolphins come up for air at Neidin Bowls Club

Over the past few weeks Neidin Bowls club has been really fortunate to have had several coaching sessions from a very experienced bowler, Conor Middleton, member of the Crosshaven Club in County Cork.
Despite being only 29 years old Conor began playing 22 years ago and has recently been selected to play in the 16 strong all Ireland team who will be playing in the Irish and British Isles series. Their first match is in
Birmingham, November 19-20th. So well done Conor, the sole bowler from Munster and good luck Ireland for the forthcoming series. We are hoping to put the training we received with regard to techniques and
tactics to good use in our ongoing matches in the Kerry League and thank you very much for your time and patience.
We are about halfway through the league matches and of our four teams, the Seals, the Gannets, the Dolphins and the Eagles, it is the Dolphins who for the moment are proving the most successful.
Club meetings are back to the normal schedule, Mondays and Thursdays 10.30am to 1pm and Wednesday evenings 7pm to 9pm . All welcome.