Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society

Happy New year to everyone from Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society. We would like to thank the Public for all the support you have given us throughout 2016 through donations, buying something from the KLAWS shop or adopting one of our animals. However, the year is only in its infancy and already there are puppies being dumped at animal welfare shelters. Please get your dogs neutered and your cats spayed. Remember it is the Law, so you must get your dogs micro-chipped. There are still dogs being brought into KLAWS that have not been chipped and then valuable time is wasted trying to find the irresponsible owners.
Since the last article, KLAWS is pleased to announce that Buster, our lovable Boxer-cross found his “Forever Home” with a lovely, local lady. He has his own couch, and very often gets to sneak onto his owners bed for a good nights rest after walking for miles and miles and miles!! Unfortunately, Michael, our three legged cat, found in Caherciveen has still yet to find his own place, BUT he is being cared for by a lovely foster mum, until his “Forever Home” can be found.

Over the Christmas period a tourist found an elderly collie sheep dog in Kenmare. The Guards were notified and he was taken in to Kenmare Veterinary Centre. Sadly, nobody has claimed him despite being advertised widely. KLAWS have named him Ben, and it is likely that he was thrown out at the end of his working life, following the arrival of a new Christmas puppy. He is very elderly, approximately 14 years old and is a very gentle boy. Apart from having some minor skin/fur issues due to a bad flea infestation he is in good health. You will be pleased to know that the fleas have been evicted now! We are now looking for a home for him where he can live out his final days in comfort, with the knowledge that he is loved and cared for. If you can help, please contact on KLAWS 087 970 4480.
Spring is coming……. and so are the kittens! If you have cats or kittens over the age of five months it is time to get them neutered. Otherwise, you could be responsible for up to 60 kittens before 2017 is over!!! Cats mature sexually from about 5 months old and the females can come into season, every few weeks until they are pregnant. As soon as these kittens are weaned and start to eat solid foods the mum can get pregnant again. By the end of the year she could of had three litters of kittens, AND the first litter born would also be old enough to have kittens of their own! So the cycle would begin again. KLAWS cannot express how important it is that you get your cats neutered, which for a male cat is a very simple procedure. Please help us by being a responsible owner.

We held street collections in Kenmare and Waterville over the Christmas period and raised a substantial sum of money. “Thank You” to the Public who supported us at, what can be, a very expensive time of the year. Please be assured that all fund raised will go towards helping our waifs and strays. And please call in to see the ladies in the KLAWS shop, as the funds raised there help with our ongoing bills.
And finally, if you could help KLAWS is any way, perhaps fostering, fund raising, or driving our dogs to meet the transporter, please call KLAWS on our designated number and volunteer your services. Here’s hoping that 2017 will see people being more aware about the care of their pets, and a decline in the large amount of animals requiring our help (though sadly this will never happen) Happy New Year to One and All!!