Kenmare And District Garden Club

Verney Naylor, garden designer with 40 years of experience, was our speaker on 6th April. Her subject was on finding inspiration Beyond the Garden Gate. She took us on a whistlestop tour of various extraordinary landscapes throughout the world, which she has visited, and spoke then of the various perspectives she took from them to use in her own designs. Horizons, colours, setting off colours and shapes against each other, framing a view, such matters can add hugely to our gardens. A single step will add altitude. A slightly zigzagged path gives the impression of much greater length in a small space. Her inspirations were then well shown in pictures of various gardens, including her own, which she has designed. A very interesting evening, which concluded with one of our plant exchanges.
Our next meeting is on 4th May at 7.30pm at The Gateway, when Una O’Neill will speak on ‘Back to Basics’.