Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society

KLAWS is happy to report that Michael, the three legged cat finally found his ‘Forever Home’. After being in foster care for nearly five months, he went to a cat rescue in the UK who are dedicated in re-homing cat that have difficulties. We recently had an email that showed Michael lying on a bed, looking like all his Christmases had come at once. AND we were told he gets to sleep in his new owners arms as well. What a happy ending, given that he was found wandering alone in Caherciveen before Christmas. But we also had a tragedy as well which devastated the KLAWS members. A young, pregnant collie dog called Pip came to us and unfortunately died after giving birth to six puppies. Two of those puppies died as well so we were left with four pups, only a day old, needing a mum. Luckily, we can thank our fosterer, the lovely Kelli for taking charge. She nursed those babies and happily after two weeks they then went on to their next foster home in Waterville. They are now ready for re-homing, so check out our Facebook page or call KLAWS on 087 970 4480 if you think that you can give one of Pip’s pups its ‘Forever Home’.
KLAWS has been very busy over the last few months after successfully re-homing 30 cats and kittens and 28 dogs since the beginning of the year. However, we do have people ask us why they have to pay a donation for rescue dog. Even though that dog may have been surrendered to KLAWS or had been found abandoned, this is only the start of it. All dogs that come into our care are neutered and have injections to prevent diseases like Parvo. If a dog is sick or injured they receive medical attention and get micro-chipped which is now the Law. And then they receive their rabies injection which gives them a passport for travelling. Not all dogs get re-homed in Ireland so there are travelling costs too. So all in all, helping an abandoned dog get re-homed can cost any Rescue, at any time, the sum of €250 or more.And that just the dogs, there are also the cats and kittens……..
So THAT is why KLAWS asks for a donation.

With regards to re-homing our dogs, KLAWS has made connections with a Border Collie rescue in England. Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies & Working Sheepdogs are a brilliant team and many of our sheepdogs go to them. They do rigorous home checks to ensure our boys and girls find their ‘Forever Homes’. We also have connections with other rescues and we all work together to ensure there is a happy outcome for all our animals.

On the fundraising front. Art & Mor are doing a pottery workshop on Saturday 6th May at 2pm. It is called ‘Paws for KLAWS’ and there will be a donation made to KLAWS from Dawn and her team. Please contact Art & Mor as the pottery workshops are always good fun, and reserve a place for the children. Also, the KLAWS shop is keeping busy, raising much needed funds from the sale of Bric-a-Brac and clothes etc., so if you are passing by, please pop in and support the animals. The KLAWS Cabin is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am until pm and we are located by the Credit Union in Kenmare.
Finally, If you have any animal welfare issues please call KLAWS on the designated telephone number 087 970 4480. Also, if you would like to volunteer as a fosterer or hold a fund raising activity please contact us as well.