Kenmare’s new love seat!

A very special seat sits outside the newly opened Kenmare Hospital, in fact you could justifiably call it a ‘love Seat’.
Local craftsman Bobby Tangney was commissioned to make a wooden seat to be placed outside the new hospital by Mr Keith Butler whose late wife Jenny was in the care of Kenmare hospital in her final days. Her husband was so impressed, and thankful for, the wonderful care and attention that she received during her time there that he decided to commission Bobby to make a wooden seat similar to the one that Jenny used to sit on to watch the sunset outside her own home in Blackwater.
Bobby was touched to be asked to make the seat, “The seat is very symbolic on many counts, it symbolises the care and kindness given to this lady by the staff of the hospital and also the reciprocal generosity that Mr Butler has returned by donating this seat as a mark of his gratitude. Over its’ lifetime many people will hopefully sit on it and ponder on their life and be grateful for what they had. Nowadays so many people just offer lip service to staff who work so hard but this gentleman has gone that extra step.”
The placing of the seat continues a tradition for the Tangney family, as Bobby’s great uncle Paddy Tangney made the windows for the old Kenmare hospital.loce seat, only use if better pic deos not come, photo