Blackwater Women’s Group & Friends Annual Outing

The Annual Blackwater Group Outing 2017Teddy O’Neill, Michael Sheehan, Eileen Sheehan, Lee Condon, Seamus O’Brien, Mairead Robinson, Joan Egan, Mary Falvey, Mary O’Farell, Cait Sheehan, Mary O’Neill & Mary D O’Neill. Front Row; James O’Farrell, Seamus Condon, Tessy O’Connell, Betty Harrington, Ann O’Sullivan, Anna Downing, Maureen O’Brien, Doreen Tamzin & Martina Lee, Shelia O’Connor,
Eileen & Denise Reilly, Mary Crowley & Peggy Crowley.
pic Declan Finnegan
Blackwater Women’s Group & friends annual outing took place in August and they visited, Ballinskelligs, The Kerry Cliffs, Portamagee and Valentia. Declan Finnegan drove his lovely new coach and manoeuvred many a tight corner along the scenic route and sang a few songs into the bargain. Morning Coffee was in ‘Bake My Day’ and lunch in The Royal Hotel Valentia. The Valentia Lighthouse was visited along with the site where the Tetrapod first walked on land. The Valentia Island Tetrapod’s fossilised footprints are the oldest record of vertebrate life on land and the amazing beginning of the human evolutionary story. About 385 million years ago, a primitive amphibian like animal known as a Tetrapod left its footprints on the muddy shoreline, dragging its reptile like tail behind it. Valentia Island at that time was a swamp land near the equator and a very different place to the one we know today and still a very long time before the first dinosaur appeared. The tracks record when vertebrates first moved onto land, started breathing air and walking on four limbs.