Barry’s star continues to rise

Barry heal;y IMG_0277Great to hear again from Barry Healy……

“Hi Barry here.
I used to box in Kenmare as a kid and stopped when I was 15 because the Kenmare club closed and tried to get back into it but got led astray drinking and didn’t finish school and never went to college.
So I started coaching boxing in Tralee just one day a week then moved to London two years ago from Kenmare with the dream of being a boxing coach.
I started with coaching the Islington boxing club and got my level 1 and level 2 amateur badges, slowly learnt the game and helping out and in no time I was flying.
After hours of hard work in the gym I decided to go for my professional licence which has been my dream for years and just passed it recently.
Had a meeting with the British Boxing Board of Control and they were happy to accept me as a coach. So now Monday to Friday during the day I am training professional boxers under a top class professional coach that is Harry Andrews he will be showing me the ropes and during the evenings I am with Islington boxing club still. So I am coaching boxing full time.
My plan is to become one of the best coaches in the world training back to back world champions. Just learning my game at the minute. I never thought I could go this far in the space of two years. I went from washing dishes to being a professional boxing coach because of my dedication and my dreams.”

Congratulations Barry, I have no doubt we will be hearing much more from you!