Cllr Dan McCarthy reports…

Darkness into Light.
As these notes are being written the final table of the 31 card drive is being played in aid of Darkness into Light. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the organizing and also the people playing. Again, this has been a huge success!
If anyone is interested in getting involved please ring me.

The state of the roads due to the bad weather, many potholes appearing! If you are concerned about any road in particular please ring me and I will contact Kerry County Council.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kerry County Council workers for their diligence in trying to keep all roads driveable.
I have again asked for funding for the road from Kikeanna Cross to Kenmare town, this must surely be the worst stretch of main road in the entire county! I have asked for emergency funding and I await response from Kerry County Council.

One of my motions to Kerry County Council for February is to write to the Minister of Agriculture to immediately lift the ban on the usage of rain guns for spreading slurry. As we are all aware, slurry tanks are filling and land is not accessible at the moment.
I have also asked for an update of the burning regulations for this spring.

St. Francis School Beaufort.
Well done to all involved in the pub quiz held last weekend. It was a huge success!

15th August Documentary.
I would like to wish Matt O’Sullivan the best of luck at the Carnegie Hall on April 7th with the documentary of the 15th August, 35 years ago and also his own Documentary ‘Men of Straw’. I look forward to seeing these.

Kenmare Mart Social.
Our guest speaker, Sean Kelly, spoke on many different aspects on farming life and the problems that will be facing us in the coming months and years. The social was a great success as always.