Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society

It has been a very busy couple of weeks for KLAWS as we have recently taken in eight very badly, neglected dogs. They all have health issues but what is most annoying is, that with a little vet care, their issues could have been prevented. BUT sadly the people who had these animals did not care. Therefore KLAWS is left to pick up the pieces, and nurse these dogs back to health, get them socialised and back into a loving family environment. One of the pups, a youngster herself, is pregnant, so she will need some tender loving care. The good thing is that she is now safe, and will be able to bring up her family, without the fear that her pups will be destroyed. If anyone would like to make a donation towards the vet care of these animals please pop into the shop, outside SuperValu and your funds will be gratefully received. Alternatively, you can donate by PayPal to Also, if you think you can help with fostering one of our new arrivals please call KLAWS on 087 970 4480. All food and medical expenses will be covered by KLAWS, we just ask that you provide your time and lots of love.
With regards to the shop, sadly we have been a target for thieves. Two ‘lovely ladies’ decided to help themselves to jewellery and other items while our volunteer was dealing with another customer. Every cent that the shop makes, goes towards the upkeep of our rescued animals, so it is really disheartening when items are taken, because the thieves are indirectly depriving our animals of valuable funding. To this end, a CCTV camera is now installed in the shop and if necessary the Garda will be involved. To rob any Charity shop is a disgrace and hopefully, the two “lovely ladies” will get caught one day.
There are an alarming number of dogs going missing throughout Ireland. Sadly dog fighting is not a medieval sport and is happening in this day and age. In order to prevent your dog disappearing, please get your dog micro-chipped and register the chip on line. Get your dog neutered and this will prevent the dog from being stolen for breeding purposes. Get a dog tag and put on it that the dog is chipped and neutered; they will not be interested in an animal they cannot make money out of. Make your garden as safe as you can and put locks on gates. Most importantly, do not let your dog wander around the neighbouring estates, even for a pee, as dog thieves ride around looking for animals to pick up. They will come back for him or her especially if it is a breed worth hard cash. Please take care of your animals and don’t let them steal your baby.