Busy, and varied, month at Kenmare Family Resource Centre

Volunteer Ewa Oslizlo was recognised by Kenmare FRC recently as part of National Volunteering week.

Members of the organising committee of the positive mental health event in Kenmare which was attended by more than 90 students.

Many thanks to the team of 33 Family Resource Centre volunteers who recently helped with the Ring of Beara event. Huge thanks to all involved.

Recently SHEP (Social Health Education Project) contacted Kenmare Family Resource Centre to request that we host a visit from their sister project in Nepal, and last month we had a very lively, warm and informative exchange of work practices between Kenmare Family Resource Centre members, two very caring Nepalese development workers and regional SHEP staff. We learned that despite working in very different countries, our work practices are very similar, it’s all about building relationships with the community & engaging community members to develop successful projects! Thanks to all who contributed to making a very special morning.
Nepalise visit 1