KMEG reports a great month for Kenmare!

What a month it has been!
The Viking Raft Race event was a huge success. Between capsizing rafts, BBQ’d burgers and little Valhalla it was a brilliant, fun event. Well done to all the organisers and volunteers on the day. Cannot wait for next year!

Then we have the Bastille Day celebrations which kicked off when some ‘French Gendarmes’ took to the street to cause mayhem!

Then, if that wasn’t enough we learned that a section of the area known as the Peninsula land is now in the ownership of Kerry Co. Co. & the people. While it is not all 50 acres it is a substantial piece of ground and will add a whole new dimension to Kenmare town. I would like to thank the Peninsula Committee who have worked tirelessly on this over the last seven years, some people doubted whether we would ever get ANY of the land but yet again this proves that when we work together we can achieve great things. There is plenty of hard work and consultation to come, but Kenmare has never been afraid of hard work! Well done to everyone and a special thank you to Kerry County Council for investing in the town. Peninsula land