JUNE in the Garden with Simon Linell

Here comes summer !! We have been offered small glimpses of what summer should be like recently but hopefully over the next couple of months now the elements will get together and offer a more comprehensive effort in giving us a good summer that we have all been looking forward to ! The spells of damp cool weather we have been experiencing during the last month have been beneficial to the new summer plantings as they have been able to establish themselves without too much stress from intense sunshine. Now when the good weather comes they will have at least laid down a better root system from which they can feed their growth. There is plenty to do in the garden this month so making it nice and snappy, we’ll get on with the months gardening tasks quickly before the sun comes out and we head outside.

1. If you lawn is taking a while to green up you can still use some lawn feed with moss and weedkiller included to get the lawn looking healthy again. Remember to apply just before it rains and don’t cut the grass for several days afterwards.
2. New trees and shrubs can still be planted but make sure to water them frequently even though it has been raining a lot.
3. Keep an eye out for pests and diseases on Rose bushes. Leaf spots and rusts will be enjoying the damp conditions and the aphids/greenfly will be plentiful over the next few weeks as it warms up. Spray frequently with Rose Clear.
4. Plant up your summer patio containers with mixtures of Geranium, Begonia, Fuchsia, trailing Petunia and a mixture of summer annuals like, Marigold, Lobelia, Allysum, and many more.Larger containers can be planted with Hydrangeas and large Margaritte Daisies to add height to the centre of the container. Remember to feed regularly with a Tomato feed when watering. Watch out for bugs and slugs here too.
5. In the vege garden slugs are a real problem this year. Keep beer traps topped up with beer and use slug baits where necessary to keep the numbers down as they could destroy your freshly planted seedlings and young plants over night !
6. There is still time to sow salad seeds, lettuce, spring onions and peas and beans for end of summer cropping.
7. Spray against potato blight at regular intervals from now on.
8. Help Tomatoes pollinate by transferring pollen from one flower to its neighbour with the help of a small paintbrush.
9. Make sure all spring flowering shrubs are pruned back before mid June to ensure flowering again next spring.
10. And now you have all that done, remember the garden is a great place for entertaining and hopefully the weather will match the sizzling of the! So, there you are now, ..summer time and the gardening is easy !

Happy gardening and call out to Willowfield for more gardening information.