Senator Daly reports

Brian Crowley
When Brian was first running for election to the European Parliament he was a 50-1 outsider. He has over come great adversity & challenges in his life and he is an inspiration to us all.
Brian is one of life’s great gentlemen, has been a tireless servant of the people and hard working representative for Ireland in Europe for the last 25 years
In his book on his life story, he wrote that during the 1994 European election the only time he said to anyone one that he though he would get elected, is when he came back from canvassing in Sneem on St Patrick’s day, with myself, Conor Murphy, Tomas O’Connor, Seamus Mcgearlit, John Teahan Senior & Junior, Suzanne Teahan, Timmy Clifford and Stephen Burns and other supporters. His late father Flor asked him ‘how did it go?’ Brian replied ‘don’t tell anyone but I think I am going to get elected’ we were proud to support him then and in all elections afterwards”
I am particularly grateful for Brian’s support for me during my senate campaigns, without which I would not have succeeded.
It is a great privilege to know him, to be his friend and to have been involved in every one of his 5 election campaigns from 1994.

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