Gone Fishing with John O’Hare

How often must I tell people, the fresh water fishing for trout, sea trout and salmon in this area, that is Kenmare, Kilgarvan, Sneem and Lauragh does NOT open until March 15th and the rainbow stocked lakes until possibly May 1st. Also there are no brown tags for the Roughty River this year just the blue normal quota ones. We wait with bated (or baited!) breath to see what the fish run, if any, will be like.

A number of boat anglers on the Great Western Lakes used a method to catch the big Ferox trout called ‘Brickeen fishing’. They were known as ‘Brickeen Men’, and what they did is troll live minnows down deep to catch the trout. It is a practice now thankfully banned. The fish they caught was sold to hotels and restaurants and some even ended on the fish counters of the local supermarkets. The whole thing was a disgrace and those guys were not liked, to put it mildly, by the ordinary honest fisherman. However there is no understanding of the different ways the human mind works, even Sigman Freud who was the father of modern psychiatry could not do it.
A fishing friend from up the country told us of a few of them going for a weekend outing on the lakes where they all caught trout except one of them. So what did he do? Only went to a supermarket, brought some trout and took them home. On his arrival home he went around to friends and neighbours giving out some of what he said was his great weekend fishing catch. What were they to think, only that he was a great angler. Can you understand that?