Kenmare Locality Animal Welfare Society

A belated ‘Happy New Year’ to everyone, and already it has been a very busy one with several stray dogs being taken into care, along with other re-homing issues that happen at this time of year, especially after the excitement of the new Christmas pet has subsided. Every year there is a huge advertising campaign ‘Adopt, don’t shop’ and yet people still choose to ignore it, leaving animal welfare groups like KLAWS, to pick up the pieces. Before even considering taking on a kitten or a puppy, it has to be taken into account that for the next 14 years at least, you will be responsible for that pet’s every need. It will be like having another child so ‘don’t do the committing, if you can’t do the babysitting.’
Spring is coming, and so are the kittens! If you have cats or kittens over the age of five months it is time to get them neutered. Otherwise, you could be responsible for up to 60 kittens before 2019 is over!
Cats mature sexually from about 5 months old and the females can come into season every few weeks until they are pregnant. As soon as these kittens are weaned and start to eat solid foods the mum can get pregnant again. By the end of the year she could of had three litters of kittens and the first litter born would also be old enough to have kittens of their own! So the cycle would begin again.
KLAWS cannot express how important it is that you get your cats neutered, which for a male cat is a very simple procedure. In conjunction with All Creatures Vet Centre, Kenmare, we are promoting cat neutering which will be available during the month February for only €20 per cat. Please take advantage of this offer to help prevent unwanted kittens. You must book with the practices directly and tell them that you are using this offer.
KLAWS held its annual street collection on Christmas Eve, and in spite it being an expensive time of the year, members of the public were very generous and boosted funds by an incredible amount. Thank you so much to those people who popped money in the collecting buckets. KLAWS would also like to say a big thank you to Whyte’s Centra and Aldi in Kenmare for allowing KLAWS members inside their shops.
If you have any animal welfare issues, or wish to adopt or foster or volunteer for KLAWS in any way, please call 087 970 4480.