Poet’s corner

Thanks to Fatima, one of our new residents, for sharing her creative talent with us.

My condolences by Fatima

The years keep passing but the same questions
Keep running on a loop in my head

Then comes sorrow following me around just like a needy pet.

Followed by the WHYs, the never – ending whys play over and over in my head
The last text you sent still does not fill the void you left

There is my core rage I cannot express

The one I am most angry with for taking my love away is you.
This despair mixed with the destructive self – blame I bear

Left with nothing and no one to blame but myself
Today I wish I had heard warnings of the future in your voice

I keep reading the last text you sent me as I am drowning in my own tears gasping for breath
I am helpless to your unnatural act

The last text you sent was a metaphor
It read ‘I have wings to fly’