Kenmare and District Garden Club

Kenmare and District Garden Club
This month’s meeting was held in The Gateway and we hosted Manfred Wandel of Fruithill Farm, Bantry.
Manfred started as an organic vegetable grower, but formed his own business when it became evident that tools, seeds, fertilisers of an organic nature were not available in Ireland at the time. He is now a major supplier with a parallel business supplying organic vegetables.
In his informative talk entitled ‘Things Organic’, he stressed the importance of forward planning in our own gardens. He emphasised the paramount need for good soil protection whether through crop rotation or mulching organically, primarily with grass cuttings or by sowing green manure, giving weed control, and the use of fertilizers to cure deficiencies. Soil aeration is encouraged rather than turning the soil, which upsets its inherent balance and structure. He even had a hopeful message about terrible weeds, like dock, dandelion and couch grass; they can be turned into compost if they are stored in black bags, away from sight or mind for two years, of course, being removed with one of his amazing collection of superb tools!

The next meeting is on April 4th, at The Gateway, Kenmare at 7.30pm when head gardener Seamus Gallivan will be giving us a talk on ‘Gardening at Rossdohan’, which should prove very informative for those of us facing the challenges and benefits of gardening near the Kenmare river – if on a somewhat smaller scale!
New members are most welcome.