Kenmare Cycling Club reports

Kenmare Cycling Club
Puncture repair and how to survive the ring day

We are having an information day on Sunday June 15th in Brook Lane Hotel. We will have 3 different grade cycles for Beginners, Medium and Advanced. First Cycle leaving the Brooklane at 08:00 doing an 80km, Second Cycle leaving at 09:00 doing a 40km and Third Cycle leaving at 10:00 doing between 5km – 20km.
All meeting back at the Brooklane for a quick demonstration on how to ‘fix that dreaded puncture’ and some more handy cycling tips.

Benefits of Club (and Cycling Ireland) Membership
You escape the dreariness of cycling alone and ride with like-minded people.
Push your fitness further by training in a group and getting encouragement from others
Great camaraderie on club spins.
Participate in all organized club events
Partake in Youth and Beginners Spins
Limited liability insurance from Cycling Ireland while cycling
Physical. Cycling is a non weight bearing sport, which means it is easy on the joints, and recommended by many specialists as a good sport for rehabilitation of injury or sickness while improving your overall well being.
So come along and see if cycling is for you, if you don’t try, you won’t know! All abilities welcome.