All welcome to boat building project

Bonane Heritage Park
The Dugout Boat building project, led by Niall Gregory, began its journey from log to boat on the 9th March. Many thanks to the volunteers who weathered the stormy day and worked tirelessly with the heritage tools on what will be the hull of the boat.
Anyone who wishes to help with the boat work must be:
over 18 years of ageBonane 1F8F2F1D-8BEF-4D27-9806-03C9143DCBA2
wear steel cap boots
attend a safety briefing before working on the boat.
Safety Briefings take place at 10am and 2pm at the beginning of the Boat Work Sessions.
Schedule of Boat Work Sessions for The Bonane Dugout Boat Building Project for March and April follows:
Saturday 23rd Boat Work
Sunday 24th Boat Work
Saturday 6th Boat Work
Sunday 7th Boat Work
Saturday 13th Boat Work
Sunday 14th Boat Work
Friday 19th Boat Work
Saturday 20th Boat Work
Sunday 21st Boat Work
Monday 22nd Boat Work
Saturday 27th Boat Work
Sunday 28th Boat Work
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