Brush up your writing skills and tell your story

We hear a lot these days about writing journals and blogs and posting on social media on pages or in groups. It seems that a lot of people are enjoying these new hobbies. Writing a journal has been found to have a great effect on our mental health, especially a gratitude journal where you record the things you are grateful for each day. It can also be a lovely keepsake. Have you heard of a blog? This is an online journal or newsletter. Lots of celebrities write blogs, as do journalists and sports people. But ordinary people write them too. Anyone can start one. Lots of people write them about their hobbies – everything from sport to cookery, history or the weather! A blog, Facebook group or page can be a fun way to express yourself and connect with other people who share your interests.
Would you like to write stories, articles, letters, journal entries or blog posts? Nowadays there are lots of ways to use creative writing skills. Maybe you’ve always loved the idea of writing your life story, or the life story of a person in your family.
But if you don’t feel confident about your writing, you might be missing out on these opportunities.
Here at Kenmare Adult Basic Education Service, we work with people who left school without qualifications. We give everyone the chance to start afresh, and work on their skills at their own level, and at their own pace. We run a creative writing course, the group meets for 2 hours each week to brush up on writing skills and try out different writing activities. If you think it’s something you would like to do, please get in touch with us on 086-8279248 or 064-6642728.
We run courses on basic computers and smartphone use, on spelling, filling out forms and building your self confidence, plus a lot of others. If you left school without qualifications and you think you would like to try adult education, contact us now in total confidence for a chat about your options. We can help you to find out what’s available, and what steps you could take to move on with your learning, whether that’s for work or just for fun.