Kenmare Girl Guides are camping experts!

Not one but two summer camps were enjoyed by IMG_20190802_093003_resized_20190802_093700763 last month. The first was in West Cork Secret Kikcully, when Kenmare and Schull guides joined up with 180 Guides and leaders from across the SWRegion for their annual Regional Camp. The theme was Biodiversity, and the guides recycled, used a wormery for waste food and by the end of the four day camp the twenty eight girls had only one black sack of rubbish. Quite an achievement! The girls also took on challenges, played fun games and had so much fun camping with like minded youngsters and their leaders.
At the end of the month they took off to Waddow Hall in Lancashire for a week, hired a bus and spent a night at Anglesea Guide Cottage enroute for Waddow. The weather was exceptional and the girls took part in many fun activities including fencing, canoeing and abseiling. They also explored nearly town of Clitheroe which was beautiful.
If you are interested in finding out more your local contacts for Irish Girl Guides groups are Heather Coombs, Guides; Sue Gray, Senior Branch; Sally Boland, Brownies; and Andra Noonan for Ladybirds.