Exciting month ahead at The Carnegie

Café Monday
September 26th and 29th, and October 7th, 12th and14th @ 8pm
Cafe Monday is a story of family, politics and a mother’s manipulative last will and testament. Written and Directed by Dezy Walls. Tickets €15

Double Bill Mr Foot and Wanda’s Visit,
September 28th and 30th, and October 4th, 6th and 11th @ 8pm
Mr Foot. A stuffy, mostly silent businessman sits in his living room, jiggling one foot and patronizing his paranoid, alcoholic, chattering wife
Wanda’s Visit. Jim and Marsha’s 13 year old marriage has become dull. Jim gets a letter from an old high school girl friend named Wanda, who asks to visit. This guest from hell.
Tickets €15

My Brilliant Divorce
September 27th, and October 5th and 13th @ 8pm
Angela and her husband Matt, otherwise known as Round Head, were happy or so Angela thought until Matt ran off with a twenty five year old Argentinian.
Tickets €15

September 28th, and October 5th and 12th @ 5pm
The auditions for an upcoming production of Cinder White are underway and Ms. Thespis, the drama teacher, is greeted by a small group of students, each with a particular look and personality, the diva, the quiet girl, the nice girl to name a few.
Tickets €15 /€8 children

Film ‘Wild Rose’
October 3rd @ 8pm
Tickets €8 / Students €6

Film ‘Red Joan’ starring Judi Dench
October 10th @ 8pm
Tickets €8 / Students €6

Film ‘Stan and Ollie’
October 17th @ 8pm
Tickets €8 / Students €6