Bridge St. Co-op & Bookstop cafe. Great advice, Great value

Dietary and health advice can be very confusing, especially if you have particular needs – perhaps you are coeliac or gluten intolerant? Maybe you simply want to follow a healthier or vegetarian diet?
The place to go is Bridge Street. Olga and Bara in the Bookstop Cafe and Mimi in the Co-op Store have a lifetime of experience in providing healthy food.
Are you frightened of quinoa? Seaweed? Ever tried a buckwheat crepe? Or a romani red pepper and pasta bake? In the cafe you can watch Olga and Bara cooking and get advice and ideas. The cafe is now making special order cakes – gluten free, wheat free etc. Mimi in the shop will guide you through the maze of options suitable for one diet and not another.

The Co-op is amazing value. Most of the dry goods are weighed and sold separately. You can buy as much or as little as you want. No more unwanted leftovers. You want to make a special cake and only need 40gms of ground almonds or natural glace cherries? Well, that’s exactly what you can have.
Price Check (as of June 2014)
Organic Porridge Oats
Co-op 2.40 kilo/ SuperValu 2.69 kilo
Gluten Free Oats
Co-op 3.87 kilo/ SuperValu 4.19 kilo
Organic Baked Beans
Co-op 1.10 a tin/ SuperValu 1.20 a tin

In the cafe there are fantastic ‘Fiver Friday’ specials, a main course with salad for only €5! Now in its second year, this offer has proved amazingly successful. Where possible, the cafe uses locally-produced and organic products. And everything bar the bread is made on the premises. Even the food you don’t eat is used, with all the vegetable peelings going to compost and all the left-overs going to the chickens for happy eggs for happy cakes!

The Co-op and Cafe are run by the members. That’s perhaps why they run the best loyalty discount scheme in town – an amazing 5%!
And special for this month, Bara’s homemade elderflower cordial is €1 a glass with 50c going to KLAWS.
See you there!