Blackwater community stay safe

It has never been more important to be self sufficient within our communities and to have the means and skill set to help ourselves. Well done to the Blackwater community for their commitment.
Twenty three people were trained by two trainers in the morning and afternoon CPR and first aid classes which were held in Blackwater Tavern earlier this month. Pads were replaced in all defibrillators in 2019 and batteries will need to be replaced in all defibrillators in 2020. The five defibrillators in the Blackwater Templenoe area are located at John Sheehan’s house Dirreen, Blackwater Tavern, Dromore Sportsfield, Spillane’s Bar and Templenoe GAA pitch.
pics Mary D O’Neill13 CPR The Morning CPR Class in Blackwater Tavern 2020