Cllr McCarthy reports…

I would like to first of all thank all those who are working on the front line during these uncertain times. During the last few months I have seen first hand how strong a community that we live in from the hard work been carried out by volunteers offering services to those who are cocooning to those working in the supply chain as well as the front line.

Thankfully now we have begun our journey along the roadmap to reopening our country. I feel now more then ever it is vitally important that we all support local shops, cafes, bars and restaurants this will help promote and keep jobs within our communities. It is imperative that we all follow the guidelines that are set out by the government as we move through the different phases. And to wash our hands regularly.

At this months meeting of Kerry County Council I proposed two motions , the first being that I have asked that Kerry County Council write to the Minister for Transport asking that driving instructors be allowed to assess their learner driver students following the completion of there twelve lessons as to whether they have met the standards of being awarded a full driving license or whether they still must remain on a provisional licence and complete more lessons before meeting the requirements.

I have also asked that Kerry County Council ask the Department of Health to identify relevant sites for confidential cyber medical facilities for patients, and to contact the relevant government department to propose there implementation to assist in accommodating those without broadband facilities to minimise footfalls in hospitals and allow from greater social distancing in hospital settings.

Due to Covid 19 social distancing restrictions I cannot hold my regular clinics, but If I can be of any assistance at any time please contact me on 087 2224411