Titan Sports Bo Peep Triathlon

A great thank you to all the participants of the recent Titan Sports Bo Peep Triathlon and especially to all the people who helped to make this event such a success. We could not have done it without you! It is such an achievement to cross the line on the day. For the team from Taobh Linn, it was a particularly important day.
Tanya O’Sullivan describes how it felt, “ Community Care Challengers – Triathlon completed – felt fantastic! What we all felt was that we were indeed challenged individually but knowing you had the team behind you is no better motivation to get you over the line.
The team event was great as it opens up a triathlon to the ‘average person’, and allows you compete in the area you are more comfortable with!
Personally, I always wanted to do a ‘Bay swim’, no better way to achieve this.
Full credit to Susanne and the triathlon team supporting our entry and encouraged us all the way. Any regrets, maybe a bit more training …, but it is addictive I have next years team in mind already..have to beat this years time!
We certainly didn’t disgrace ourselves, no prizes though but it was the competing that was our reward while also having the added bonus of competing for a worthy cause, Kenmare Family Centres – Low Cost Counselling. The Triathlon Club chose The Family Centre as this years charity to make a donation to from the event.
Therefore in our relay team I focused on each person representing a slice of the The Kenmare Community Care pie; Taobhlinn Social Centre,
Taobhlinn Housing Scheme under Cluid Housing and The Family Centre.
In summary, hats off to the Kenmare Triathlon Committee as it is a mammoth undertaking to organise the ‘Little Bo Peep Triathlon’ every year and the Children’s Duathlon. Anything that incorporates bit of exercise has to be a good event and it was nice to be part of what felt like a community effort from the relay teams this year while at the same time supporting the low cost counselling.”
Do not forget training continues. Swimming every Tuesday evening at 7.15pm from Templenoe and from Star on Fridays at 7pm. Time trials take place every Monday evening to Molls Gap from Centra starting at 6.45pm. All are very welcome. We will keep you posted about the winter training when it starts.
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