Kathryn walks the walk

We were delighted to read that Kathryn Thomas’s favourite walks include our own Gleninchaquin Park!

As she told Nicola Brady in The Irish Independent, “My favourite place is Kerry, and the Old Kerry Way is stunning. There are so many different walks down there, but the one that we do starts at Derrycunnihy Church.
“What I love about this walk is that there are so many vistas. There are long, undulating routes that go through woodlands, up mountains, by rivers, up towards waterfalls and into beautiful stately parks.
“There is so much grandeur in it.
“What defines Kerry for me is that it’s just wild, and rugged, and huge, and remote and awesome… used in a non-American way! Everything is big and wild, and that’s why I love it. For me, it’s escapism.
“When we’re with Ellie, we also love to walk the Gleninchaquin Park. It’s a privately owned park (€6 entry; gleninchaquinpark.com), but it’s just stunning. Annie Leibovitz did a photoshoot there for Vogue, with Adam Driver. Nobody really knew about it, but I’ve been banging on about this place for years. You go through this wild expanse of wetlands, lakes and boulders, lichen and green moss, and then you see the huge waterfall cascading down over the lake in the distance.
“We try to get Ellie to walk as much as possible. She’s only two, so our walks are short and sweet, but we like to go somewhere flat where we can tire her out and then pop her in the buggy for a few hours while we walk.
“Walking is the greatest gift that we have. For me, it’s something that I have to do absolutely every day. Getting kids out into the fresh air, and getting them to look at the world that’s around them, it’s educational but so much fun as well.”

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