Golfing in Kenmare is up to par!

Kenmare Update
A lot has happened at Kenmare GC this summer, and not all of it positive. As you’ll remember from your last Kenmare News issue, our historic clubhouse was destroyed by fire on June 1st.
This could have been a devastating blow. However the club and the people of Kenmare have reacted brilliantly since then. On the afternoon of June 1st, as soon as the ruins stopped smouldering, our management committee met and started a plan of action.
Since then, a number of initiatives have been completed, and lots more work has been scheduled. We are grateful to the Kenmare News for this chance to update the community, and for chance to try and express the gratitude Kenmare Golf Club as a whole have for the support of the people of Kenmare.

Golf Marathon – June 12th
Vice-Captain Chris Dale, 13 other stalwarts from the club and a massive support team organised and ran a Golf Marathon. This involved 55Km of golf per player over 18.5 hours, with some 1168 holes completed.
On the day Captain James Murphy got proceedings underway at sunrise (05.20) and the final put is was sunk by Lady Captain Cindy Freeman around 10pm. With the support of other members, including Rory O’Sullivan, President Eugene O’Sullivan and local Kerry GAA stars, they hope to complete 1,903 holes, to represent the year the club was formed. The support of some local celebrities and Kerry stars was just the boost that our players needed to get their tired bodies through the final 18 holes.

GoFundme Effort
Prior to and in conjunction with the Golf Marathon, the club ran and promoted an online fundraising drive. The support for fundraising was overwhelming. This ending up raising €70,000. This fundraising is crucial, as a long process is underway regarding insurance, rebuilding and supporting finance. With the economic situation as it is currently, this fire could have been devastating for the club. Because of the willingness to help that we found in Kenmare and beyond, this will not come to pass.

As mentioned above, all the necessary processes with insurance are being followed, and this is progressing well. The intention of the club is to preserve the look and feel of the building, with the same white structure greeting visitors to Kenmare. A committee of skilled members and technical advisors has been put in place and tasked with coming up with a design that preserves the heritage of Kenmare GC. Plans are well advanced, and will be ready for members to view by the end of July.

Golf Goes On – with your help!
Even though the clubhouse has been destroyed, the golf course is in the best condition it has been in for years. Playing numbers are up, as is the quality of golf across the board. Without the clubhouse, Kenmare GC has to go the extra mile in 2020 to keep attracting visitors. There are two big items of note on this front. We have a “Rebuild Classic” running from July 22nd to 25th. This will see 480 golfers coming to town, and the club have redoubled efforts to promote Kenmare as a destination for more than Golf. It’s not too late for you business to join Holly Ramone Hughes in offering discounted physio/massage services, Hallissey’s supermarket with promotional discounts, or Lorge Chocolates who are including samples in Golfer’s “goody bags”. This is not an appeal for sponsorship – we want flyers, samples, promotional material for businesses to give to golfers.
We also have an open on Fridays, aimed at bringing visiting golfers to the town. Bruce and Laura at Mulcahys have backed this one – look out for social media updates on it.

Taking up Golf
We’ve seen a surge of people returning to golf or taking it up. Our doors are open to anybody. If you’ve never held a club before, or are afraid of golf being a difficult sport, don’t be! Get in touch with us at , and we’ll pair you up with someone who will make taking up the game easy.

Results & Golf Section
Since official competition has been allowed, we have seen some fantastic golf. People being based locally gives them the chance to play more often, and we have included some additional midweek competitions to build interest.

Kenmare GC Results for the week ending July 12th
Mens Results.
GOTY – 18 Hole Stableford.
1st. Gavin O’Shea (10) 41pts. 2nd. Dave Burke (10) 41pts. 3rd. John Duggan (5) 40pts
Friday’s Open Mulcahy Sponsored Blues Comp.
1st. Conor Maye (15) 41pts. 2nd. Patrick O’Sullivan (Lissyclearig) (22) 41pts.3rd. Paul O’Connor (10) 39pts.
Mon. to Wed. Open Whites Re-enter
1st. Bosco MacGearailt (18) 44pts. 2nd. Charlie Vaughan (13) 43pts. 3rd. Mark Granville (13) 40pts.
Thursday Morning Autumn gold winner – Mike Hoad 21pts.
Thursday evening Bottle Comp Winner – Bosco Macgearailt 21pts.
Ladies Results.
Sunday 12th. July Rene Keating Cup
Winner -Suzanne Doran (27) 42 pts. 2nd. Grainne Crowley(29) 37pts. Best Gross Colette Bradshaw(14) 22 gross pts. 3rd. Stephanie Gaine (27) 36pts.

Week ending July 5th.
What a superb return to golf.
We’d like to thank our Competition Secretaries Dave Snr. and Noreen who processed hundreds of scores between them. With no clubhouse facilities, Covid 19 rules on cards and new technology to be put in place they still got the job done.
Ladies Results
Wednesday 1st July 2 Person Champagne Scramble
1st Suzanne Doran(27) Mary O’Sullivan(38) (51 Pts), 2nd Danielle Froment(13) Cindy Freeman (34) (44 Pts)
Sponsor Mary R. O Sullivan.
Cat 1. Deirdre Rowe(16) 32 points OCB. Cat 2. Margaret Hanley (19) 32 points.OCB Cat 3. Elaine Daly(30) 34points
Next Sunday Rene Keating Cup 18 hole S/F

Men’s Results
Weekend 18 hole Blue Stableford.
1st. Pearse O’Shea (13) 41pts. 2nd. Kevin Lynch (9) 40pts. 3rd. Daragh O’Siochriu (8) 39pts.

Friday Open Blues Comp
1st. Paul Brown (22) 41pts. 2nd. Sean Finn (19) 38pts. 3rd Bosco MacGearailt (18) 38pts.

Thursday 9-Hole
1st Paul O’Sullivan(15) 18 Points
Mon to Wed. Whites Open Comp.
1st. Paul O’Sullivan (16) 44 pts. 2nd. Gavin O’Shea (10) 42 pts. 3rd. Mark O’Donovan (8) 41 pts.

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