Disappointment at InterKenmare as road is damaged again

Dromneavane, the home of Inter Kenmare, was damaged by floods, following torrential rain in Kenmare, the second time in the space of just five months, forcing the club to close the facility on Health and Safety grounds.
Club secretary Colin Coady said, “As a result of the recent heavy rains we have experienced extensive damage’ to the access road into our facility, our car park and the foot ramp to our pitches. This is the second time in five months it has happened. We were right in the middle of our season last Feb and despite the water coming from a outside source we had no choice but to pay over €3,000 to repair the road as best we could.”
Committee members met with engineers from Kerry County Council on Tuesday to find the source of the ongoing problem and investigations are ongoing.
“There is obviously a water blockage or a volume flow issue somewhere outside of our facility ending up with a torrential flow of water into our property. When this happens, it takes our road with it and we end up with an impassable road and our pitch drains fill with gravel and silt.”
“The damage is so bad ,hat we cannot have members or visitors driving or walking down there without fear of damaging their cars or badly injuring themselves, and as a result we have to close the access road until further notice.”
“We rely on registration, sponsors and fund raisers to finance the running of our club. We have lost half of the year so far to Covid and at this time we don’t know when we will be back to registering members and offering them football again. We should be looking forward to our annual 5 a side tournament mid-August, a date the whole community looks forward to and one of our biggest fund raisers of the year, and we are hoping that the remedial works we undertake will make the access road and pitch 100% safe.”
“We need to look at a temporary fix to ensure we get our facility open as soon as possible, but essentially the problem needs to be fixed at source and the road completely resurfaced to prevent it happening again. How this will get done, at this time we have no idea but we shouldn’t have to bear the costs of a problem that doesn’t originate within our grounds. “
To date InterKenmare have received estimates of over €30,000 to bring the road back to a quality that allows parents and children access our playing facilities.

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