Glowing review for Bonane Heritage Park

Great review of our own Bonane Heritage Park by Julie O’Brien as she showcases the wonderful places and people of Ireland in her new #whoweare page.
“Located just outside Kenmare town, Bonane Heritage Park is an open-air museum with a fully immersive Irish History experience spanning 5,000 years.
Right at the heart of nature, at this visually beautiful site of woodland and parklands overlooking the Bonane Valley, learn how Ireland’s earliest ancestors once existed, prepared their meals, lived amongst the trees and used the stars and the stone formations as a calendar thousands of years ago.
Take a stroll along the Fairy Walk and discover the little fairy houses and doors that are entrances into the mythical Other World.
You can even honour someone special while helping the environment at the same time by planting and naming your very own tree to forever become a part of this beautiful heritage park.”