Pause for thought

What are you doing today to bring contentment, happiness or joy into your day? If I asked you if you would like a happy life, I bet you would say yes. But how many minutes do you give to that each day? What do you do on purpose that makes you happy? And do you really notice the happy moments when they come?
What brings a smile to your face, a giggle, or a sigh of contentment? For me, these things include a phone call with a friend, a few minutes lost in a good book, or trying a tricky new recipe that works out. What about you? What brings you contentment, happiness or joy? For me, those are all on the same line, a continuum if you like. What do the three words mean to you, and what do they look like in your life?
This week, try to notice what brings contentment, happiness and joy into your life. Big things and small things. Savour those moments, and try to build on them. What we notice, and pay attention to, grows. So if you ever find yourself feeling a little flat, or blue, you can help yourself by really noticing and enjoying that cup of tea, or that sunny walk. Spending the few minutes to make sure that each day has a bit of what you love will boost your mental health. And as we head into the winter months, that needs to be part of the daily and weekly routine for all of us.
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