Fiachra pops up!

Local visual artist Fiachra Crowley has opened a pop up shop which will be open on Henry Street from 11am to 6pm each day from now until the New Year.
Studying Art reignited a childhood love for ceramics and led to Fiachra creating artwork in this medium.
“My work is about producing visually striking pieces, focusing on shape and pattern as integral design elements to create beauty through simplicity. I strive to make pieces which have the ability to fit into a simple modern environment, adding an element of intrigue and interest with their striking visual qualities.
“Using ceramic as a medium has required me to go through a lot of trial and error in order to achieve the clean finish I strive for. There have been many tests and troubles, an ongoing process I am still experimenting with to achieve a variety of finishes.20201211_113628
“Recently I have developed a style which consists of creating patterns using various shapes, forms, colours, and textures. ‘Tiles’ laid in different arrangements, orientations, and combinations give way to an endless amount of possibilities, the beginnings of which I have only started to uncover.”