Away in a Manger!

“As a child I always remember the Crib being placed in our lounge window, for all passers by to see. Our crib figures were hand knitted, just like they are in this crib.
During the lockdown I decided to return to knitting to pass the time away. I went through many old patterns and came across the Crib pattern. I bought the wool in our Kenmare Art and Craft store at SuperValu and spent many happy hours knitting the clothes for each figure.
I wondered who I would donate the Crib to and my very first thought was to give it to Kenmare Community Nursing Unit, so that the residents and staff could enjoy it.
We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful facility in our local community. I would like to thank Catherine Quinlan and all her staff for the wonderful welcome I received when I presented them with the Crib. Catherine decided to give my gift pride of place on the altar in the Prayer room where it can be viewed by every resident on their television screen in their own private bedrooms.
What a beautiful way to bring the story of Christmas to each resident, during the festive season.”
Ann Browne