Psychotherapist and mum of three, Bethan O’Riordan, is starting a parental revolution!

Specialising in Parent Support, Bethan became concerned at the lack of support currently available to parents, especially since last March when life as we know it changed and life became more challenging, especially for children and those who look after and love them.
With many of the usual supports and routine withdrawal, Bethan started an online community where people can meet, chat, and information can be shared. The group is different to others as she uses her personal and professional experience to support and empower parents through sharing information, challenges and inviting honest discussion.
The group which can be found on Facebook under ‘Calm & Confident Parenting’ is really making a difference to parents.
Bethan said, “I focus on structuring the group with mindset and motivation activities to support mental health. The Group really normalises all the struggles, both for parents within themselves and difficulties they experience with their children and their emotions and behaviour.
“I have worked with people for over 15 years in a range of addiction, mental health and homeless services, but my passion lies in working with parents and supporting them to work through what is stopping them be the parent they’d like to be.”
Each Thursday at 11am Bethan hosts a live tea break chat, inviting people to take a break and come and hang out with other parents in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Bethan’s uses this time to share her personal and professional knowledge and interview other mums and professionals who people will connect with.
Bethan laughed, “We are basically a group who are showing the reality of parenting and life!”
The other free initiative to support parents that Bethan is offering is a workbook ’5 Steps to Calmer Parenting’ which is available through the group.
You can find and join Bethan on Facebook ‘Calm & Confident Parenting’; Instagram@calm_confident_parenting or you can visit her website