Kenmare Women’s Group

16 Womens Group 1623324390337blobIt is such a long time since we met as a group but with hints of a return to normality all around us, there is hope on the horizon. The current committee and members are working hard behind the scenes to try and arrange a venue for meetings to take place safely and are considering the next schedule of meetings, subjects and guests. The KWG plays a significant role in welcoming newcomers to the area and in fostering long term friendships in the community. With its online presence and availability in outlets around the town, the Kenmare News ensures we are able to reach out to a wide audience and there has been a good deal of enquiries during lockdown from people who found themselves somewhat isolated in a new setting. As soon as we are up and running again, we will surely turn to the Kenmare News to help us let everyone know that a warm welcome awaits.

Sadly, we have lost another cherished member recently. Annick Bogaert passed away in a beautiful hospice in Holland surrounded by her seven children, nineteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Her daughter, Joanna has told us how much the Women’s Group meant to Annick during her four years in Kenmare but in fact, Annick meant a lot to us. She was always so interesting and never complained about her illness but rather entertained us with her wit and wry sense of humour; her intelligence and observation. She was excellent company during our coffee breaks and lunches. Many of us enjoyed fashion tips and advice on colours from guest speakers but Annick was always the height of elegance without effort! It was our great fortune to be friends with this lovely lady if only for a relatively short time. Our sincere sympathies are extended to her daughter, Joanna, of All Creatures Vet Centre in Kenmare and to the rest of the family. Rest in peace Annick.

If you would like to know more about the Kenmare Women’s Group, contact Allyson on 083131322.