Cllr Dan McCarthy reports

Farewell to students, teachers and SNA’s
Now that the summer season is here I would like to wish all the Leaving cert students the best of luck in their exams and the very best for the future. I suppose by the time this goes to print the most of it will be over. Good luck to the national school students moving up to secondary. I would like to wish a fond farewell to the teachers and SNA’s that are retiring this year. Thank you all for years of service in building the education of our young people in this community.

Silage season
As the sun shines in the sky I would like to remind all farmers to keep safety in their minds as hay and silage season has well and truly begun. It is important that road users are mindful of extra traffic on our roads and tractors and machinery exiting fields.

25 years of Kenmare Mart
On July 5th we will be celebrating a milestone at Kenmare Mart, servicing our farming community for 25 years. The first sheep sold at Kenmare Mart 25 years ago on the 8th of July 1996 was sold by George O’Neill, weighing 32kg and making €34.50 and bought by Paddy Herlihy. Due to Covid restrictions we will not be able to celebrate as we would like but we will mark it when we reach 25 + 1.

Bicycle repair station
I have asked Kerry County Council to introduce a pilot scheme around the ring of Kerry for bicycle repair stations in some towns.

Congratulations Father Tom!
I would like to congratulate Fr Tom Creen on celebrating 50 years of being a priest and thank him for his contribution to our community since he arrived.