It’s raining beans!

Tadgh Evans in The Kerryman reported last week, in what must surely be one of the more bizarre stories printed, the news that residents of local housing estates had been victims to a bizarre series of incidents in which baked beans and other tinned foods were thrown at their homes.
Tadgh reported, “Gardaí, who told The Kerryman they were made aware of these incidents at the weekend, are confident they have identified one member of the group responsible and will follow up on the matter.
“A resident of Orchard Grove, Thomas Meder (58), explained that he and his wife were again left to clean up baked beans, peas, and soup after four tins were hurled at their home on Saturday at approximately 6.47pm. Mr Meder told The Kerryman that four similar incidents took place there over the summer, but this was the first time it has happened since he installed a camera to perturb young people from targeting them.”