Cllr Dan McCarthy reports

I would like to wish a very happy retirement to John O’Hare and his wife Sheila and thank them for their long service to the people and tourists of Kenmare.

Welcome back to all the students and teachers in the national and secondary schools, hopefully this year will run smoothly and everyone will stay healthy and happy.

I have requested KCC to cut back all overhanging trees especially on the Tousist Road.

I have requested KCC to apply for funding urgently for the Bonane Road as it is in dire need of repair.

I have spoken to KCC to put a structure in place at the tunnels where road works can either be done by night, speed up the process or put in place a one way system and I am awaiting a reply on this.

I have asked KCC to replace the traffic lights on the Killowen Road as they are completed out dated and not in working order on a regular basis.

In light of the retirement since last April of the register general in the general registers office in Kenmare, I have asked KCC is there any update on filling this position.