A weekend in Kenmare

Our Town, Your Pictures – 9th -11th May 2014

Over the last few years the Kenmare Chronicle has been assimilating a catalogue of old photographs and documents that record the social and commercial history of the town and the surrounding area. A Weekend in Kenmare are now planning a modern day study of the town by collecting photographs capturing Kenmare, for a moment in time, over a weekend in May 2014 – and need your help.

100 years ago there were very few privately owned cameras, therefore only a limited number of photographs from this time exist. Since then the numbers of cameras has increased to the extent that nearly everyone today has a camera of some type, even if it’s on their mobile phone. However, in ten years time where will these photos be? How many people actually print their photographs and how many languish on computers or memory sticks? So ironically, even though the number of cameras has increased, we could be faced with fewer pictures surviving than 100 years ago. It is hoped that a project like A Weekend in Kenmare will demonstrate the importance of cherishing and documenting these every day pictures.

By encouraging as many people as possible to participate in this project, amateur or professional, to go out and take photographs over the weekend it is hoped that a visual diary of Kenmare will be created. The weekend starts at 12:01am on Friday 9th May and runs until 11:59pm on Sunday 11th May. Pictures can be of people, places, events, flora and fauna – the choice is yours. There is a juvenile section as well, to encourage budding photographers. Pictures should be emailed to  info@weekendinkenmare.com along with a title, brief description, location, your name and your age if under 18, by 5pm on Friday 16th May. A judging panel will select 100 pictures to be included in the book, A Weekend in Kenmare, that will be published in the summer – and to provide extra encouragement there will be a range of prizes awarded for the top 10.

Over the weekend there will be exhibitions and workshops led by local professional photographers. More information as it becomes available will be posted on our website  www.weekendinkenmare.com or follow us on Facebook.

This project and competition is open to everyone so put the date in your diary and we will see you for a Weekend in Kenmare.

Four monthly competitions will be held in the run up to the main weekend. For the month of January the chosen subject is, Kenmare Bridges. There are many bridges, large and small, around Kenmare so get snapping and email your pictures before the end of the month to info@weekendinkenmare.com along with a suitable caption, date and location. February competition subject is Siblings. March and April to be announced. Pictures will be posted on Facebook and website and winning entry will receive a framed 12 x 8 inch copy of their print.