Irish Community Air Ambulance thanks Kenmare

Dear Editor,
I would like to pass on thanks to the Kenmare supporters of the Air Ambulance.
Thank you all so much for your involvement in the Kenmare street collection for the Irish Community Air Ambulance, the funds raised on the day will support people all over Ireland who need emergency prehospital care
We are deeply grateful for your support of our organisation.
Thanks to the support of people like you, our crew have responded to over 1,300 taskings since our launch in 2019.
Our Air Ambulance can bring casualties to the hospital that best suits their needs, not just the closest geographically. From the base in North Cork, our Air Ambulance can put a 25,000 kmĀ² area within 30 minutes of emergency medical care. This can be the difference between life and death for those in rural Ireland.
Our charity funded Air Ambulance is fuelled by you. Without you we cannot fly. Dozens of lives have been saved because of the hard work and care administered by the crew in a timely manner to hundreds of others. Ireland needs this service, and this service thanks the continuing support of donors like you.
If you wish to get in touch you can call us on 021 4190999 or drop a line to
Thank you again, and we hope you keep safe,

Micheal Sheridan
Chief Executive Officer
Irish Community Air Ambulance