Kenmare and District Garden Club

The September meeting was held in the Gateway Kenmare, with a return visit from Carl Wright of Caher Bridge Garden, Ballyvaughan. The title of his talk was ‘Caher Bridge Revisited’. The club were truly overwhelmed by the journey from 1996 to the present day to establish a garden in the heart of the Burren, where originally there was only extensive hazel scrub on limestone pavement-the main tool being a crowbar! Through photographs , his unstinting structural skill and hard work involving manoeuvring rocks to create paths and holes for planting, the importation of 1500 tons of soil, all hand sifted and his horticultural know how (catch him in the Irish garden magazine) has made this garden a must visit for gardeners. He has skilfully boxed in the more specialised phenomenal planting schemes in the garden from the landscape by the use of stone walling incorporating a wonderful moongate and glades of hawthorn, the only tree he is able to grow in any number. The latest project is a circular stonefaced tower incorporating naturally another moongate (!)constructed by himself, with six men only to help put on the roof! The whole garden is indeed an ongoing labour of love, but most importantly for him it is the connection to people though the garden, whether through plants he has been given or those he has shared, or through the many people that now pass through his gates. In all this, he is ably assisted by his 91 year old father and the company of a friendly fox, who seems thoroughly at home partaking in the daily gardening adventure!
Next monthly meeting: Thursday, OCTOBER 6TH: Coffee and welcome from n.b. 6.45 p.m.
Garden photographer Bernard van Giessen will share his memories of gardens he has photographed. His talk is entitled ‘Gardening through the Lens’. His photographs are featured in Jimi Blakes book ‘A wonderful Obsession.
New members are very welcome. Contact Stephen Austen: 0879112876 for further information
The Gateway is beyond the Centra Garage heading on the Molls Gap road and opposite the Brooklane Hotel grounds. Parking available.